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Be prepared to have your perspectives changed and your outlook shifted. We will raise your self and relational awareness, giving you every opportunity for a successful life and to be able to improve your relationships on every level!​ 


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How to have Healthy relationships 

BootCamp Seminars are intense, interactive, life-changing programs designed to use a unique and time tested combination of mental games, experiential drills and activities. They are NOT wilderness camps or a ropes course, and you won't spend hours listening to speakers or taking notes.

Regardless of your relationship status, we have a program that will address who you are and how you became that way.  Through our Marriage, Life Enrichment, and Dating BootCamps, we will help you deal with your past baggage and damaging issues using our expert self improvement techniques and practical tools.

​During our 3 and 4 day BootCamp Seminars, Directors are hands on through each group and individual exercise, providing one-on-one direction and assistance as you discover new ways to communicate and deepen your relationships.


Take Control . Grow Stronger

​Build GREAT Relationships

how to improve your marriage and have healthy relationships by self development

Who We Are

BootCamp Seminars  is a Non Profit Organization, founded in order to help strengthen marriages and accelerate personal development.

Many of the BootCamp Directors and Trainers have experienced the pain of divorce or relational brokenness. Their own damage and failures have strengthened the vision and purpose of helping people. We believe the trials and suffering in life creates patient, compassionate and empathetic people.

​Jim & Elizabeth Carroll the creators of BootCamp Seminars, have rescued thousands of marriages and relationships in their 20 years of experience.  They have been the hosts of the popular TV series Marriage Boot Camp, Seasons 1-3 of Bridezillas and Reality Stars on the WeTV Network, as well as featured on Dr. Drew Life Changers and many other media outlets.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that life can be amazing Your emotions can be healthy and strong and you can have GREAT relationships. It is our mission to give you the tools and help you discover the way to make it happen.

People from all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds find that our programs meets them where they are and transforms them in many areas of their lives. Their relationships and marriages are enriched in ways that months of professional counseling never could.

In our seminars, you will find an environment that makes it easy and comfortable to lean into life change, whether you come with strong faith or none at all.

We have a deep desire to see marriages succeed and for lives to be free from past hurts and unforgiveness.​

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