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Couples retreat

Do you need some time away and a fun and relaxing way to reconnect with your spouse?


Join us for a three-day vacation setting seminar focused on renewing and REJUVENATING your relationship.  The Couples Retreat is held at a five star all-inclusive resort located outside of Cancun Mexico.  You and your mate will grow in an atmosphere that is both fun and romantic.

We have taken some of the top drills from the Marriage BootCamp, in addition to a few new ones and have created the Couples Retreat to help you and your partner revitalize and reinforce the foundation of communication, love, and trust.

You will have plenty of time to enjoy the resort amenities, the beach and each other while enriching your relationship, and restoring the connection you once had. 

Do you hide behind a protective mask, afraid to open up to potential dates?


Gain the CONFIDENCE you need through our three-day seminar focused on getting healthy and dating smart. Improve your boundaries, communication, connections, intimacy and learn to identify red flags in future relationships.

Dating BootCamp is perfect for singles that already have a strong foundation, but looking for ways to be authentic in their relationships. You will learn how to effectively give and receive love, and arm yourself with the communication tools you need.

This is a great place to create Deal Makers and Deal Breakers. Our program makes it easy and enjoyable to have those deep conversations in a safe and structured environment. Each Single will have a different story to tell, but the goal is the same – to become the best you can be so that you can make the best choices for yourself.

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Marriage Bootcamp


dating bootcamp

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Are you frustrated with a lack of communication and intimacy in your marriage?


Improve your marriage on every level with our intense four-day seminar designed for all couples no matter your relationship status or condition of your marriage. You will learn new ways to increase your communication skills, conflict management, intimacy, personal and relational growth.

Marriage BootCamp is also great for engaged couples or newlyweds who want to get their marriage started off on the right foot. At one of our marriage seminars you will discover a deeper connection and learn valuable skills that will help you lay the foundation for a lasting marriage.

Be prepared to do some work. If you commit to give 100%, you’re sure to come away transformed and equipped to deal with any issue you face on your own or with your partner.



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Does shame or past hurts effect your ability to move forward in your life?


Learn to be FREE from the damage caused by failed relationships or divorce, and life's disappointments in our 4-day interactive seminar where you will be given the tools to address issues that are holding you back and keeping you from being successful in many areas of your life.

During the LIfe Enrichment BootCamp we will help you to focus on you and what it takes to move forward healthier than ever before. Whether it's forgiving someone or yourself for something in your past, or gaining new perspectives, through this learning process you will find a regained hope and a new love for yourself and life.

Your outlook on life will change, and you will have the tools to help resolve current and future issues so you can start making your dreams happen.