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You can't attract a 10 without first BECOMING a 10 for yourself. Commit to the process of self development and improvement. Dating BootCamp will give you the opportunity and the tools necessary to bring self awareness and help you make the best choices as you navigate the ever puzzeling dating world. All that’s necessary is a willingness to improve. We’ll help you do the rest.


We welcome young and old, single, dating or engaged, from all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds to attend Dating BootCamp. Although the skills you learn can be used in all of your relationships, we do focus on those areas that will specifically help you in dating, such as developing proper boundaries in order to avoid some future pitfalls.

Have you ever thought you are speaking a different language in relationships? Do you know your own relational language? How do you interpret and receive someone else's love language? We will help you answer these questions and more as you discover the differences in relationship approaches.

Understanding your own values and putting these skills into practice will help you communicate more effectively and on a deeper more intimate level. You will leave Dating BootCamp armed with more self confidence and hope for all your future relationships.

"I have let go of the anger, resentment, and guilt. I had a black hole in my heart. I now have a renewed accptance of God, I have let go of my anger and the wall have come tumbling down. I am ready for God to use me and lead me. I am ready to have a relationship and let some in my life."  - Marilyn from Ottawa

Staying with the structure of our other Seminars, Dating BootCamp uses practices from a variety of fields taking some of the most effective drills and games used in Life Enrichment BootCamp and Marriage BootCamp  in addition to specific ones for singles. These activities will help you discover what matters to you,  how to more confidently express the real you, and have some fun in the process.

This INTERACTIVE seminar will help you establish your non-negotiables and boundaries in your dating relationships and help you clarify the type of person you want to connect with and why. Begin to build some resilience for dating, while building your relationships with self confidence. Your personal approach to dating has a significant effect on the quality of the relationship you form with potential partners.

Dating BootCamp is the best gift you can give yourself. We know the impact a good relationship can have on your quality of life, it can bring out the best in you. We also know the consequences of a bad fit, where the relationship is a source of stress that leads to less enjoyment of life.

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