Bootcamp Seminars Home Page

Hopefully we can answer most of your questions about  BootCamp Seminars  on this page. If you still have questions or want personalized help, please feel free to contact us today.

What do I wear to the BootCamps?

Wear something comfortable. There is nobody to impress at the BootCamps. Come casual. If you are cold natured, then bring a light sweater or coat. The room tends to be cool.

Is this a Christian Seminar or Religious Retreat?
The BootCamps do not push, cram, preach or manipulate their religious beliefs on others. We allow individuals to freely express how God relates to the games or drills, but we do not allow anyone to preach at others. We ask that everyone be respectful of the different belief systems of other people.

Many people come into the BootCamps wanting to have a better relationship with God. We have designed the games to help everyone find what they desire. We spend about an hour and a half dealing with spiritual damage caused by others.

Does BootCamp Seminars  provide meals?

The BootCamps do not provide meals. Participants should eat prior to attending the weeknight events. During the BootCamps we do break for lunch on Saturdays.

How often do we have breaks?
Generally we break every two hours for 10 minute breaks.

Does BootCamp Seminars  provide child care?
We do not provide child care. Please make arrangements prior to attending.

Am I required to stay at the hotel?
We prefer that attendees from out of town stay at the listed hotel, but it is completely optional.

Do I have to be on TV?
No. The BootCamp are in a private and confidential setting. If we conduct seminars in the future that are going to be filmed, we will designate those seminars as TV special events.

What is the age limit?
All participants must be at least 18 years.

I’m single, divorced or considering marriage. Will the BootCamp work for me?
Absolutely. Marriage, Life Enrichment, and Dating  BootCamp are designed to enhance personal growth. Personal growth then enhances marriages and relationships. The BootCamps are the best thing you can do for yourself before going forward in a relationship. It is also great for couples that are engaged or considering marriage as a form of premarital counseling.

Can I miss a day of the Marriage Seminar?
The BootCamps are an intense program that is designed to accelerate growth, each day is more advanced and builds upon the games and drills of the previous day. If you cannot attend an entire BootCamp, then please wait to attend until you can.

May I come without my spouse?
Yes and No. Life Enrichment BootCamp (evenings and one day) is designed to enhance personal and relationship growth. You’re spouse does not have to attend. Marriage BootCamp (day program) does require your spouse to attend.

Frequently asked questions

What makes your program different from counseling?
We don’t give you any advice. You’ll find your own answers as you play the interactive games and drills. Unlike counseling, we have 23 hours over four short days to work with you. The program is intense enough to keep you in the moment so that you are ready and willing to address the issues as they come up. Most counselors that have attended the BootCamps say that our four day program is equivalent to a minimum of two years worth of therapy.

We don’t or can’t communicate with each other, can the BootCamps teach us how?
Communication, or the lack of, is a major issue in many relationships. Many couples have poor communication because they stop communicating their thoughts and feelings with each other. They stop because they are tired of repeating themselves or because they are tired of being hurt by their spouses. The BootCamps help couples start opening new lines of communication. You and your spouse will start expressing your feelings and concerns with each other in a healthy positive manor.

Our children are gone, we’ve grown apart we have nothing in common anymore, can the BootCamps help us?
So many couples invest so much time into their children’s lives that they forget to invest time in themselves or their spouse, much less their relationships. Once the children are gone they are finding that they have no common ground anymore. BootCamps helps couples to be able to reconnect and to find that “loving feeling” again. Most couples say they feel closer or find a deeper new love for their spouse during the BootCamps.

My spouse is verbally and sometimes physically abusive, my spouse if full of anger, can the BootCamps help us?
BootCamps help people address and deal with anger on a regular basis. Anger tends to be a major issue in many relationships. During the BootCamps participants will identify where their anger comes from and they will be able to address the issues that cause the anger. Forgiveness is a major component when dealing with anger issues.

We have a healthy or an average marriage, are the BootCamps good for us or is it just for troubled relationships?
Absolutely, the BootCamps consist of people with all types of relationships, and for individuals and couples wanting to make positive changes in their lives. They are for people wanting to grow, mature and for those wanting to fine tune themselves. Everyone can gain something from the BootCamps no matter what level they feel they are at. The BootCamps are NOT for people in denial.

I don’t like who I have become. Can the BootCamps help me find myself again?
This is what BootCamp Seminars does best. Our games and drills are designed to help you identify areas in your life that need to be addressed or fine tuned. No matter how high or low you rate your life, the BootCamps will help you grow several levels. Participants will be able to release past hurts and damage that have been holding them back in life and in their relationships. It helps participants increase their self-esteem, confidence, value and worth. Participants will experience love, joy, peace and happiness in a whole new way.